Hostage by Colin Mason

A doomsday confrontation between Russia and the United States

The Israeli defense minister is shot in Tel Aviv, and the repercussions signal disaster. A right-wing Israeli group retaliates by exploding three American-made nuclear bombs in Cairo, ravaging the city. Russia issues an ultimatum to the U.S. president: either he agrees to dissolve Israel and return the land to the Palestinians within one year or an entire Western continent will be wiped out with nuclear weapons!

While world powers negotiate frantically, the Russian nuclear submarine Novgorod moves into position, ready to launch the missiles -- superweapons capable of massive thermonuclear extermination.

Could it all be a bluff? A daring political maneuver? Time is running out, and the American president is beginning to realize that the world is on the brink of the most devastating moment in the history of civilization!

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