Timeslip by Colin Mason

A quantum adventure in time

If you're getting past formula fantasy, looking for a good read and a real story in the classic sf mode, then Timeslip might be for you. Its background is today's science: the creepy, bizarre sub-atomic quantum world. The story ranges through some quirky humour, thought-provoking raciness, tense horror, to, yes, a happy ending. Many of the concerns and fears of our current world are lurking in the background.

Ever think about quantum mechanics and what it means for our world? Is anything really here at all? Then there's time travel. Most scifi books make it seem so easy, but in reality it can't be. There are consequences, and some of them can be dire. The people in our book think they have it figured out -- It's when they do it that they find out about the trouble they can cause.

Read the first five chapters for free:
Read the first five chapters of Timeslip for free here: Timeslip excerpt

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