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Firebird is available only as a pdf ebook, for just $14.95 AUD. The book is formatted into book-size pages that are easy to read on screen using the Acrobat pdf reader that is on nearly all computers, phones and other devices. You just need to download the ebook file I send you as an email attachment and double click the file to open it. Pressing Ctrl + L to put the reader into full screen mode will make it more easily readable. There is a clickable table of contents. Although the new web browser in Windows 10 can read pdf files, the Acrobat reader does a better job, and is a free download if you don't yet have it.

Firebird ebook, $14.95. AUD:

Upon your purchase, PayPal will send me an email about the order, and I will send the book to the email address you gave PayPal.

If you have any questions, please contact the publisher as follows:
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How to be sure the ebook will read well on your device:
If you have successfully read pdf files before, you can be confident this ebook will read well on your computer or other device. But if you wish, you can download the following pdf file which has the same three chapters in it as are free to read on this website, and is formatted in exactly the same way as the ebook you buy. If you can read these three sample chapters, you will have the same reading experience with the whole book that you buy. Just click on the following link, or right click the link and select 'Save target as...' Firebird test ebook.pdf

Most of the time I will be able to email you your ebook the same day as I get the order. On rare occasions, though, I am away from the internet for a few days, and on those occasions it may be up to a few days before I can get your book to you.

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