About the Author of Firebird

Colin Mason foresaw a looming Australian energy shortage when he served for nine years as a senator in the Australian Parliament. After a year’s research he now says that doesn’t have to happen—it’s just that we’re neglecting what is our largest reliable source of renewable energy. The findings and ideas in this ‘faction’ novel, Firebird, describe how the potential of the Kimberley’s huge tides, harnessed with solar thermal power generators along an ‘energy corridor’ over the deserts, could provide the whole nation with all the low cost power it could use in perpetuity, without any pollution.

Mason has published fourteen books, four of which have been international bestsellers, selling more than 100,000 copies around the world. However, he says he wrote Firebird for his fellow Australians, so many of whom, like him, are fed up with our national drift, our failure of leadership, our apparent inability to do anything. If the bold ideas and vision set out in this book represent a challenge, that’s all right with him. What is proposed in Firebird, he says, could be and should be done.

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